Old Depot Museum Historic

The restored Mt. Vernon 1894 Cotton Belt Railroad Depot is a real gem which has been carefully restored pursuant to National Register standards with original colors and decor. Waiting rooms, designed to serve the separate races under the law of the land at that time, today house exhibits. The central office is furnished with antiques suitable to an office at the turn of the last century, working telegraphy, and railroading exhibits. A model train exhibit in the white waiting room will delight children. The large freight room houses an 1899 Studebaker covered wagon in excellent condition and offers students a chance to reflect on the real change in transportation in America after the advent of the automobile. There is also a small 1880 log cabin moved onto the property, a syrup press and mill; period mule-drawn farm machinery; and a blacksmith shop.

It is located at 202 S. Kaufman Street. Call 903-537-4760, Tuesday and Thursday, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.; and a docent will be dispatched to give a tour. Or call for appointments at other times. Admission is free.