Beveridge Suspension Bridge

The Beverridge Bridge proudly bears its makers plaque atop the crossbeam: Built by the Flinn Moyer Bridge Co. Weatherford Tex 1896. Crossing the San Saba River just north of the city of San Saba this single lane parallel wire suspension bridge is 140 long.

This 140-foot brige was assembled in 1891 by the Flinn-Moyer company that was based in Weatherford. It consists of iron pipes rods and castings. The three-pole pylons found on the bridge were an invention of the company.

Named for John H. Beverridge who established the first crossing at this location for the transport of local crops in to town. Has the trademark Flinn-Moyer tripod towers with cast-iron saddles supporting cables of galvanized wire. The towers are linked together by a series of smaller pipes creating an interesting visual effect. Photo and text courtesy