First Ladies of Texas Gown Collection

The Collection is much more than a chronology of fashion. Progressing from the 1800s through industrialization of the 1900s, the First Ladies of Texas have become icons of grace and compassion. Each woman leaves her own legacy, but all share common threads that seamlessly stitch together Texas' First Ladies' assorted patchwork of experience. We hope that visitors will also see the Collection as a springboard into the living history of Texas Women. Texas Woman's University welcomes you to enjoy this fascinating collection of gowns, and encourages you to see beyond the heirloom garments and into the chambers of Texas' past. This Collection displays seventeen of the forty-two gowns owned by the University. The display changes at various times throughout the year so that a visitor can enjoy different gowns in the Collection with each walk through the hall. Across from each gown is information about the respective First Lady and the gown displayed. Each dress has been loaned or donated by various sources to the University. Restoration and upkeep of the collection is made possible by generous donations from the community.