Owl Drug Store and Soda Fountain

The Owl Drug Store is located in Downtown Coleman, Tx and has been in business since 1923. Locally owned and operated, The Owl is a local icon with the tag line of “Where Friends Meet”. The Owl Drug has one of the last remaining original Drug Store Soda Fountains with a Grill & serves as one of the local spots for a wonderful old fashioned breakfast or a lunch straight from the 50's. The “Owl Burger” is a local favorite served with homemade onion rings or fried pickles and a delicious handmade malt or shake. Visitors come from far and wide to partake of an Owl Burger...Miss Texas is a yearly treat at The Owl - always leaving an autographed picture to be hung on the wall with her predecessors. The place is kid friendly and many an Elvis sighting has been made here. This place is a “Non – Fast Food Zone” with each burger being made to your liking. On a tall shelf surrounding the interior of The Owl Drug are items given by longtime customers so that they may be remembered as they leave Coleman for whatever reason. The Owl Drug has often been described as “ magical” and “Mayberry-esque”. Be sure to sign the guest book as you leave... your comments may be featured on the local radio or weekly paper!