Davis Mountains State Park

Extremes of altitude averaging 1-mile high produce both plains grasslands and pinyon juniper-oak woodlands. Montezuma quail, usually farther west, are regularly observed in the park. Scattered stands of ponderosa and the more common pinyon pine, mixed with oak and juniper, cover higher elevations. During wet years, the park abounds in wildflowers. Emory and gray oak and one-seed juniper are the most common trees in the park. Emory oak is predominant along Keesey Creek. Scarlet bouvardia, little-leaf leadtree, trompillo, evergreen sumac, fragrant sumac, Apache plum, little walnut, treecholla, Torrey yucca, catclaw acacia, and agarito are conspicuous shrubs, some of which flower abundantly.


Fort Davis, Texas