Fort McKavett State Historical Site

Just a little over an hour away from Ozona, the Fort McKavett State Historic Site offers a unique glimpse into life experienced by early Texas settlers. Established in 1852 to protect the area and to provide a resting point for California-bound travelers, this fort is one of the best preserved in the state. Visitors can view 19 restored buildings, including officers? quarters, barracks, school house, dead house, sink and post headquarters, as well as several ruins and an interpretive center located in the hospital. The fort was abandoned in 1859 after hostilities with the Native Americans slowed. It was reopened in 1868 when harassment by the area Comanche tribes again caused problems with the early settlers. As the Native Americans were relocated to reservations the military was no longer needed, and the fort was abandoned by the Army in 1883. Area settlers soon moved into the buildings on the grounds and continued to live there until the early 1970s. The fort was designated a state historical site in 1968 and is now preserved by the Texas Historical Commission. For more information about Fort McKavett visit?