Houston, No Problem! Space City is home to the Johnson Space Center where imagination comes alive. Visiting the space center you'll find yourself surrounded by history that is out of this World. From Moon rocks to space capsules they have it all. Mission Control is just one of the must see destination in the Houston area. The San Jacinto Battlefield and Monument mark the spot where Texas was born. Just weeks after the battle of the Alamo the Mexican Army met General Sam Houston on this historic ground. In just 18 minutes of fighting the Texas Army defeated the Mexican Army and claimed their new republic. Just a stones throw away at the end of the battlefield you will find the Battleship Texas. The battleship is a great place for kids. Several levels of stairs, walkways, uniforms, bunks, a mess hall, a radio room and massive guns will impress kids young and old. (By the way you can crawl inside those massive guns to take a peek) Houston is home many museums, historic destinations, great events, kid activities and much more. Blast Off and visit Space City . Just minutes from the great beaches of Texas.


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