White Deer Land Museum

WDL Museum is located in the building which was the last headquarters of the White Deer Land Co. (1886-1957), organized after English bondholders foreclosed on the Francklyn Land and Cattle Co., formed in 1882 with some 631,000 acres in what became Gray, Roberts, Carson and Hutchinson Counties. The company was a strong influence in settlement of the area. The firm managers were George Tyng, T.D. Hobart, C.P. Buckler and M.K. Brown. In 1970 the museum was organized. The adjacent Holland Wing at 112 S. Cuyler was remodeled in 1995. The annex at 124 S. Cuyler was acquired in 1988, remodeled in 2007 and contains one of the largest collections of Red River War artifacts in the Texas Panhandle.