Settled in 1825 by Judge Jewett, for whom the town was named, Jewett grew into a successful farming community. In 1877, J. H. Leavell erected the first business structure made of stone from a large rock concentration East of the town. The building still stands on the main street.

Jewett has the distinction of being the first town in the United States to elect a woman mayor. She was Mrs. J. T. (Hattie) Adkisson.

Years ago, a Judge Brown assigned a strip of ground between the railroad and the town, called it The Reservation and set it aside for the mutual use of the railroad and the town. A city park and baseball grounds once occupied part of it.

Located in Leon County, Jewett is surrounded by excellent farm lands which produce cotton, corn, oats and diversified truck crops. The town had cotton gins and was a trade center for the area.


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