70 Things To Do In The Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country is a place where the unexpected is definitely expected. You never know what's around the bend or over the next hill. Heck even getting lost is part of the experience. The Texas Hill country is really one of the most unique regions in our great state. Where else can you travel through small towns, many with German and Native American heritage, stop at an old general store, listen to live music, drive through miles and miles of wildflowers, marvel at the large limestone canyons, relax along the Guadalupe or Media rivers, stop in at a roadhouse for a bite to eat, meet real cowboys at a real dude ranch, stay a few nights at a bed and breakfast, taste wine at a vineyard, watch the stars, hike to a water fall and watch the wildlife, all while driving along small two-lane roads. We hope you like our list of things you just have to do while in the Texas Hill County. And make sure to check back we'll be adding more to be sure. If you would rather explore the Texas Hill County town by town make sure to take a look at our Hill Country cities and town list.

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Ennis, Texas

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