NUESTRA SEÑORA DE LA CANDELARIA MISSION . Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, the third of three San Xavier missions , which also included San Ildefonso and San Francisco Xavier de Horcasitas, qqv was founded by the College of Santa Cruz de Querétaro under the leadership of Father Mariano Francisco de los Dolores y Viana . It was on the south bank of the San Gabriel River (then known as the San Xavier River) about five miles from the site of present Rockdale in Milam County. This mission, originally designed to serve the Tonkawa Indians, was founded in July 1749 to congregate Coco Indians and their allies, including the Tops and Karankawas. The Cocos had been waiting at Mission San Ildefonso for the establishment of Mission Candelaria, but they fled in March 1749 because of harassment from soldiers stationed in the area. The missionaries succeeded in recongregating the Cocos at the mission. By the time of Capt. José Joaquín de Ecay Múzquiz 's inspection tour to select a presidio site in the summer of 1750, the mission had ninety residents and had recorded fifty baptisms.

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Candelaria, Texas

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