Frio Town

Submitted Content.....The pictures were taken around 1988 to 1989. I wanted to go to Frio Town on my honeymoon. I love old ruins, towns, grave yards etc. So, since the town was no longer on any Texas map, I went to the courthouse and found it on an old map. I saw that there was a river close so we camped on the Frio River. Then, we looked on the old map and found where we thought the town was and there were only corn fields There was a dirt road with a gate across it that was closed. I climbed the gate and walked down the road. I came across a beautiful old house and there was a man sitting in the screened in porch reading a book in a rocking chair. He came out and talked to me and said he was a writer. I do not recall his name. I explained that we were on our honeymoon and I had wanted to see old Frio Town. He drove me down to the gate to get my husband, he drove a white pickup truck. He showed us around by his home, told us about the old jail, etc. Then, told us where the old courthouse was and sent us on our way. He said we could look anywhere we wanted to. We walked through the fields and woods and that's where we found the old chimneys and little grave markers where homes used to be. And, of course, the courthouse. When I crawled up the steps of the courthouse, there were still old books and papers laying around, downstairs also. However, the downstairs was in worse condition than the upstairs was. I took these pictures on my honeymoon and, you do have my permission to use them. I just wish I'd taken more!! Josa Combs

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Frio Town, Texas

Henderson, Texas

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