JELLICO, TEXAS . Jellico was near the intersection of Farm roads 1709 and 1938, in the area of present Southlake in northeast Tarrant County. Robert Emmett Wilson, founder of the settlement, purchased property in the W. R. Eaves survey north of Big Bear Creek in Tarrant County in 1881. In 1888 he purchased adjoining property in the J. G. Allen survey and built a general store on the north side of the Keller-Grapevine road. On August 12, 1897, the postmaster at Keller, J. H. Prewitt, applied for a post office using the town name Burr, which was rejected. The town was named after the Jellico Ranch, on which the general store was located; early settlers in the area had originated in Jellico, Tennessee. The Jellico post office served about 300 people. Wilson purchased a steam-operated cotton gin before 1895 for $7,000 and moved it south of the general store. A blacksmith shop, a gristmill, and a syrup press were also located adjacent to the gin. North of the general store Lone Elm School apparently operated from 1877 to 1917. In 1907 the price of cotton and cattle dropped, and Wilson, as cosigner on a number of outstanding debts, sold the gin, mill, and cattle press. He then opened a dipping vat for cattle. With the advent of the automobile, shopping became easier in the nearby communities of Keller, Grapevine, Smithfield, and Bransford, and the Jellico general store ceased to be profitable. It was closed in 1912. The post office had been discontinued in 1903. The only reminder of Jellico today is a shopping center called Jellico Corners, built in 1984.

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Jellico, Texas

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