- Natural Bridge Caverns -

The Discovery Tour takes guests down 180 feet below the surface through ˝ mile of large chambers filled with crystalline formations and gigantic stone monuments. In March of 1960, four college students from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio obtained permission to explore the area. Lured by an amazing 60-foot limestone bridge and a large sinkhole, the explorers made numerous attempts to find the large underground passages they theorized were there. On their fourth expedition, Orion Knox Jr. felt a cool draft from a rubble-filled crawlway. Such air currents often indicate the presence of additional rooms or passages. Upon clearing this 60-foot crawlway, the explorers made their way through two miles of vast cavern passage before returning to the surface to tell the landowners of their amazing discovery. The discoverers knew immediately what an astonishing find they had made and the land owners decided to develop the first ˝ mile, the most spectacular part of the caverns, for the enjoyment of guests from around the world. Your guided tour will take you through vast underground rooms. Discover Sherwood Forest, the Castle of the White Giants and the Hall of the Mountain King, a room the size of a football field. Amazing delicate crystalline formations and gigantic stone monuments fill these beautiful underground chambers.


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