Wagram is near Spice Creek just north of Ranch Road 386 and three miles southwest of Fredonia in northern Mason County. It was settled shortly after Fredonia, probably between 1865 and 1870, by German and Anglo families. Originally it was called Blue Stretch, supposedly so named by early settler Dick Barton. The community was renamed Wagram when Cap Bellows established the first post office on January 22, 1906, and became the first postmaster. The town also once had a combination school and church, cotton and flour mill, gin, general store, and millinery establishment. In the 1930s the store burned and the community began to decline. The church moved away, and the school was consolidated with that of nearby Fredonia. As of 1939 nothing remained but the old Church of Christ building, which was used as a polling place through the late 1970s. The population was estimated at five in 1933 and rose to twenty by 1939. It remained at this number until 1948. Since then the Texas Almanac has not included a population estimate for Wagram.


Wagram, Texas

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