Sea Rim State Park

Located along the Greater Texas Coastal Birding Trail, Sea Rim State Park serves as a rest stop for several species of migratory birds traveling the Central Flyway. Warblers, swallows, vireos, grosbeaks, buntings and flycatchers are only a few of the birds that visitors can expect to see. American alligator, mink, nutria, raccoon, rabbit, opossum, skunks, river otter and muskrat are some of the many animals visitors may see in the park. During dawn and dusk, bobcats and coyotes can sometimes be seen in the park. White and brown shrimp, crabs, and various sport fishes such as red drum, speckled trout and flounder thrive in the parks lakes and bayous. Rich with plankton and organic matter, the marshland waters serve as a nursery for various species of aquatic life, supporting marine fisheries and migratory waterfowl.


Port Arthur, Texas